Dementor чат фото

This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look CloserTravelfuntu. Undo. "Дементор". Фото: соцсети. Похожее на человека образование появилось в небе Замбии. Дементор. Дементоры — выдуманные существа из мира Гарри Поттера. Загадочное фото вымышленного чудовища поразило интернет @jk_rowling the only proof I need that it's all real, dementor I'm Zambia. Many have theorized that Dementors were a symbol for depression, and Rowling confirmed this.

"That is exactly what they are Photo 17 of 22. People think they spotted a Dementor in the sky over Zambia This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Undo.

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